The Chocolate Line




Anno 2016
Simon Stevinplein 19 |8000 BRUGES

In the shop in Bruges you can experience the complete production process “from Tree To Bar”.  You can  witness every production phase yourself: from roasting, peeling, crushing the beans into a fragrant chocolate paste.

This production is limited and meant for the real chocolate freak. Our back-to-the-roots alternative against the standardisation of industrial tastes. We’re proud of it!

Obviously we also want you to get to know the small niches of other cocoa farmers. The harmony of subtle tastes in different kinds of beans seems endless.


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Paleis op de Meir, Napoleon and Chocolate

Anno 2010
Paleis op de Meir - Meir 50

According to the memoires of Bourrienne, his private secretary, Napoleon loved a cup of chocolate, but when he bought and thoroughly renovated the Palace in 1799, he could not foresee that in his kitchen, some hundred years later, there would be some serious experimenting with one of his favourite ingredients.
Czar Alexander I, Willem I, the Prince of Orange-Nassau and Leopold II, who also stayed in the town palace, were real gourmets, and in those days chocolate was very expensive and only the rich could afford it. Probably these great men have enjoyed it!

The historic building is now back in full glory and we offer you our “noble” pralines in an authentic empire setting. Savour them with the idea that all glory is fleeting but what is truly delicious, stays.  


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The Chocolate Factory

Anno 2012
Brugge Sint-Pieters

The Chocolate Line Factory, a state-of-the-art atelier where we work with a team of passionate chocolatiers using state-of-the-art equipment. A fermentation room and tree to bar production where we strive for perfection.

A praline from The Chocolate Line combines all sensory experiences. Artisanal, classic or bold. Chocolate is Rock'n'Roll. 

A visit to the Factory is unfortunately not possible, but we welcome you with pleasure in our stores in Bruges and/or Antwerp.


Anno 2012
Yucatan - Mexico

Real passion for chocolate starts with a perfect cocoa bean. The selected, exquisite, complex but also very fragile criollo bean thrives in Yucatan, Mexico. Thousands of years ago, the Mayas already cultivated and worshipped these sacred beans. Therefore we felt incredibly lucky to be able to plant our first cocoa trees in these historic soil, in the shade of majestic banana trees. Local cocoa farmers tend to them according to the ancient organic tradition. So we let nature do its work and therefore we can present you our homegrown delicacies. 

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Together with Prince Emmanuel de Merode, Dominique has built a chocolate factory in the Virunga National Park. The target is to offer local cocoa farmers an honest price for their hard work and to employ the locals. The profit goes 100% to the preservation of the Virunga National Park. We hope to do our bit in saving the Virunga National Park with this collaboration.