The Chocolate Line



Grenada, the spice island where the best nutmeg in the world thrives, is also known for the exceptional quality of its cocoa beans. Already in October 2012 we visited some small, but perfectly organised cooperatives focused on cultivating the perfect cocoa bean. The result speaks for itself. The pure chocolate with 67 % cocoa is a balanced mixture of Granade-Trinitario-Criollo and has hints of grapefruit with liquorice and roasted cocoa beans. Ideal with banana and apple. 

Try our origin bar from Grenada, available in our webshop, and get a taste of our story.

With a surface of scarcely  344 km2 this heavenly island was baptised “la Conception” by Columbus in 1498. Later the Spanish navigators called it Grenada. It reminded them of the gentle green slopes of their birthplace, Andalusia. The crater lakes are witnesses of its volcanic origins, but this also provided the very fertile soil, a blessing for cocoa cultivation.

The beautiful cocoa fruit is handpicked and on the spot stripped of its beans with the aid of a machete. Then in to the fermentation containers after which they start drying under the tropical sun.

Next to cocoa  nutmeg equally is the pride of the islaners . The peel tastes a bit different from the nut and is sold as mace.

We got acquainted with “The Grenada Chocolate Company”, an ecological closed and CO2 free circuit “from bean to bar”. They only use clean energy, so electricity is generated through solar panels. It is from this plantation that in 2013 a load of chocolate was brought to Amsterdam with the sailing boat “Tres Hombres”. We bought some of it and worked with it. Out of respect for their initiative we brought this eco-chocolate with carrier tricycles (thus without CO2 emissions) from Rotterdam to Bruges. The reception was festive and as an extra benefit my scale indicated 6 kg less !

In Grenada, with a mere 100.000 inhabitants, live a good life on the rhythm of nature; no technical highlights, but art and craft work for everybody in a southern atmosphere where the rhythms of Calypso and reggae never are far away. 

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