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On screen and on paper


Dominique is njam! Chef, was asked for MasterChef, Mijn Restaurant, and many other TV programs. 

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"The chocolade route"
This book received the Gourmand World Cookbook Award for being the best chocolate book in the world (2009)

Dominique Persoone paired up with writer Jean-Pierre Gabriel to tell the story ofhis fascinating trip to the origin of chocolate. His book focuses on the magical drink of the Maya's, based on the criollo-cacao from Central America.

Dominique Persoone is a gastronomic treasure hunter. These treasures are translated into 30 original recipes. It is a story that melts on your tongue, like a delicious piece of chocolate.


This is the first recipe book of Dominique Persoone. With 45 original recipes for chocolate adepts and gluttons.

In this book Dominique reveals chocolate creations that make you happy. He teaches you how to make the best chocolate paste, tempting chocolate sweets, your own homemade ice cream, granny's chocolate truffles and chocolate mousse. He also shows you how to make classics with a twist: brownies, Florentines, madeleines and tarte tatin.