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25 Years The Chocolate Line

The Chocolate Line celebrates it’s 25th anniversary on July 24th 2017!

And of course we will celebrate  that:

- For the 25th anniversary: ​​The Chocolate Line Gazette!
 A newspaper with fun facts, articles, festivities, ... about The Chocolate Line. Available in our stores!

- Discover our Birthday Collection Box!  

Dominique & Fabienne have put together a box of chocolates. From the chocolate Fabienne (1992) to the Golden Award winner Yuzu (2016).
NEWS! In some boxes there is a Golden Ticket  hidden for a Chocolate Experience with Dominique himself.

- Join The Chocolate Line Colour Contest! From 12 July to 12 August you can join the "The Chocolate Line Colour Contest". You can get the colour sheet at the checkout in one of our stores or you can download it here (see link below). Give the coloured drawing in one of our stores. The winners get a nice chocolate prize!

- 24/7/2017 - Birthday party - The Chocolate Line Bruges -

Be sure to come this day at 14h30 in Bruges, there are a lot of prizes to win!

Address: The Chocolate Line, Simon Stevinplein 19, 8000 Bruges 

- 04/10/2017 – The Chocolate Experience in the Chocolate Factory -

In total there are 20 golden tickets to win. These can be found in our Birthday Collection Box, but also on 24/7/2017 you can win them at the shop in Bruges.


And keep an eye on our Facebook page and Instagram for more updates!